Renovate, extend & new construction

We've got all your needs covered: residential, commercial and industrial new builds, renovations and extensions.  Our competitive advantage is that we don't have large overheads adding thousands to the cost of your project.  It is not uncommon for projects to be paying for a Project Director, Project Manager, Site Manager, Contracts Administrator, Human Resources, Accounts and general administration staff.  Wayne is the Project Manager, Site Manager, Contracts Administrator and the Purchasing Manager - so what does that mean? A more cohesive project where you have an accessible point of contact that is on site and can answer your questions and resolve problems without delay. It is the same in any industry, large companies lack the flexibility to adapt and make decisions quickly.

If your primary concern is the budget than Owner Building and utilising our consultancy and/or on-site management services are an economical alternative to traditional building contracts.

If your plans are ready to go and are looking for a quote than please use the contact form on the Contact Us page or call 0499 348 254

If you don't have plans yet and are unsure of where to start we are happy to assist.  Discussing your options of obtaining plans, from off the shelf or deciding whether to work with an architect or a draftsman.